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Let's Build a Pole Barn
Darrell Davis
28 Years
Hands-on experience

  • Over 50 color photos to help you
    design, build, and finish a pole
    building that specifically fits your
    site and needs.
  • Stake out and square the building
    by yourself in 10 minutes.
  • Learn how to cut metal
    sheathing easily with tin snips.
  • Learn how rest nails can help you
    work without a helper.
  • Build horse stalls easily, quickly,
    and inexpensively.
  • Build sliding track doors that you
    can push with a finger.
Site Selection
Plan Selection, Materials
Staking out, Squaring
Batter Boards, String Lines
Finding the Magic Number
Perimeter Band
Leveling and Bracing
Cutting Rafters for Pitch
Measuring End Rafter Height
Roof Purlin, Wall Purlin
Cutting Rafter Tails and Post Tops
Putting on the Roof, Ridge Row
Back Wall and Gables
Windows and Personnel doors
Corner Trim, Rake Trim
Open Side Flashing, J-Trim
Track Doors, Clear Spans
Tack rooms, Horse Stalls
  • Just look at the pole barn plans that are available on internet.  Most
    of plans look like they were drawn by architects who own lumber
    yards or logging mills.

  • Do you really want to pay for and cut all those boards?  Maximize the
    barn's size and minimize the labor and waste.

  • After building barns on-site for 28 years, I've got a story to tell.  I'd like
    to share with you shortcuts, secrets, and suggestions to help reduce
    your headaches, busted fingers, and building time.

  • Since very few barns are the same in style and each sloping site is
    unique, I have also included numerous photos to suggest ideas that
    may help you in the designing stage.  

  • Individual needs and preferences vary greatly, so this guide sets out
    to provide basic information on how to construct my standard pole

  • Modifications in design are simply an extension or contraction of the
    basic plan.  
Let's Build a Pole Barn includes color photos of 35 different style pole
barns, plus framing views and interior photos of some units

All of my units are built using a straight-forward erection system of nailing
rafters to the posts and setting purlins on the rafters.

Plans and architectural drawings are not included in the book.       
Let's Build a Pole Barn shows you how to frame a unit and how to
put on metal sheathing.

Along the way, I've tried to give you the suggestions, secrets, and
shortcuts that I've learned from 28 years with hammers, chain saws,
and screw guns in my hands.

The units are totally wood framed and each is built essentially the
same way, whether it's a pump house or a raised center-section horse

I’m not an architect or structural engineer, just a builder who’s been
successfully building barns for almost three decades.

Texas and southern states has been the focus of most of my barn-
building activity.  My framing system is best suited to southern states
and warmer climates.
Also a special 3-page section on a Country Carport is
included in the
Let's Build a Pole Barn e-guide.  This
attractive, easy-to-build open cover and can be used in so
many ways.   A material list, framing and roofing dimensions,
pictures, and suggestions can help you get started.
Let's Build a Pole Barn is designed to take you quickly and
easily through the "should-I's" and "how-to's" as you build your
pole barn.  I think that you'll agree as so many others have:

Let's Build a Pole Barn
"is a powerful instructional tool to guide you in building"

Decks....Screened-in Patios....Porches....Workshops
Garages....Horse Barns....Livestock and Hay Barns
Equipment Sheds....RV Covers....Pump Houses
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